At the risk of starting this blog sounding like a thriller novel, it genuinely was a cold and rainy night in early March when this Bentley Continental was dropped off to RD Towers. I had carried out details for the client before on one of his other means of transport (an awesome custom VW T4 van, in Fresian Green - full blog on that coming shortly). The studio was re arranged a little to accommodate the luxury leviathan's 5.3 m length, and before long it was safely tucked up for the night. 
Early the next morning, a full safe wash procedure was carried out. This car was the first time I was able to use my new 2600 series pressure gun and mini lance supplied by Keith of its extremely easy to navigate the paintwork with the short lance, and it makes flushing the wheel arches considerably easier. Personally, I much prefer this set up to the longer lance and gun that came as standard. I was a little worried that I would need to switch back to my original set up when jet washing the body work in its entirety, but the 2600 series gun had more than oomph for the job in hand. I can jet the car easily with one hand, and hold the necessary amount of slack hose with the other.  
If you're considering switching to a new gun, or need new hose, then check out and see the full range of products for yourself. 
The final step of the safe wash procedure is to use a clay bar over the vehicles paintwork & glass. Clay bar lifts the most stubborn of dirt and contaminants, simply by being gently passed over the surface of the car, back and forth, with water being used as the lubricant. Because this lifts any remaining bonded dirt, it leaves the paintwork super smooth to the touch. A common comment I receive upon collection, is how nice the paintwork feels! 
The car was dried off using Kiln Korea drying towels (Large) , and a Big Boi Air Blower - with this device we can remove water from all the hard to reach places, with variable speeds and temperature settings. Its essential that before any machine polishing commences, the car is completely dry, everywhere. Its now an essential part of my operational tools. 
We then moved the car inside, and inspected it under the studio light. Bentley list the paint as "Dark Sapphire Metallic" and this particular model had the gold pin coach line running the length of the car, with crests at either end. 
A small test area was machine polished, one the pad and compound combination had been selected, and after inspection the rest of the car received a single stage correction. 
The interior was in good condition, but some dye transfer had occurred on the drivers seat bolsters, and the steering wheel had become a little discoloured simply from general use. I was keen to try out CarPro's "Inside" leather and interior cleaner As the split photo shows, it was able to really restore the magnolia leather back to its near original glory. The leather also lost its sheen after cleansing, leaving a fresh matte finish simialr to new leather. I was impressed by this product and now call upon it regularly for interior duties. 
The below pictures show the finished vehicle. The ceramic coating of choice on the occasion was Gyeon Quartz Can Coat, an entry level coating offering around 12 months protection. We hope to see this vehicle again for maintenance details, at which point we will maintain the paint with quick detailer to ensure gloss levels are topped up  
And of course it rained before the car was collected........At least it was an opportunity to show off the beading properties of the coatings applied! 
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Next blog.......................VW T4 custom van............stay tuned.....  
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