What's Included? 

Wheels cleaned with neutral PH solution. Wheel arches jet washed and scrubbed 
Vehicle receives a jet wash to remove and standing debris 
All door shuts / boot shut / fuel filler cap degreased, cleansed and safely jet washed 
Snow foam applied to entire vehicle, and left to slowly agitate dirt particles 
Vehicle is then jet washed again to rinse off the remaining snow foam. Only then do I physically touch the paintwork in the next phase of the safe wash 
Full safe wash using the two bucket method, so that the cleaning mitt never goes back on the car holding dirty water 
Engine bay degreased & steam cleaned 
Road Tar deposits removed 
pH Neutral ferrous fallout remover applied to paintwork to decontaminate surfaces from harsh ferrous deposits such as brake dust and rail dust easily 
Jet wash to remove ferrous fallout 
Clay bar applied to paintwork & glass to remove contamination from a variety of chemical, industrial and environmental pollutions, such as tree sap, bird droppings, salt, acid rain and metal flake particles 
Full safe wash again after clay bar 
Vehicle brought inside and dried using GSM drying towels & all intricate areas (rain channels / wing mirrors / fuel filler recess) air blown dry 
All trim / side repeaters covered using detailing tape to offer protection prior to any polishing work commences 
Minimum of 3 stages paint correction - We aim to correct at least 90% of all defects 
Machine polish using a dual action polisher, and heavy grade compound to remove swirls marks, bird marring, water spots etc. As many passes are made as necessary to safely correct the paintwork. Paint thickness readings are taken before, during & after polishing sets. 
Finishing stage machine polish using a fine grade polishing compound to enhance gloss & shine 
Vehicle wiped down with Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) solution leaving the bodywork completely cleansed ready for ceramic coating, or wax application 
Final finish applied in the form of ceramic coating, or high grade wax 
Interior hovered throughout, trims dressed, carpets protected against spills 
Glass treated with rain repellent protection 
Alloy wheels sealed 
Tyres dressed 

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*Please note, prior to any machine polishing work commences, paint thickness levels are taken via a digital gauge. A small test section of paintwork is worked on to best determine pad / compound combination, before proceeding work on the rest of the car.* 
Carbon Collective range of Ceramic Coatings 
Pyramid Car Care Premium Ceramic Coating (2 year working life) 
Pyramid Car Care Ceramic Coat Pro (5 years working life) 
Glass, wheels & interior treatments available upon request 

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Pyramid Car Care ceramic coating 
Siramik SC15 
Leather interior cleansed & protected 
Gyeon View glass treatment (Approx 12 months durability) 
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