Often at Rhys details, we prepare cars prior to sale, or end of lease, but very rarely do we carry out a full detail on a vehicle that's being passed to another family member. That's exactly what we were tasked with when this Volvo XC60 was dropped off for a full main paint correction, engine bay steam clean, interior treatments, glass treatments, and ceramic coat. 
We have worked on a few xc60's now and I'm fast becoming impressed with their build quality. The fit and finish of the dashboard components are excellent. Volvo are by no means paying me to say any of this, it's just my opinion. 
The black suv had a full safe wash procedure carried out, with bug remover & tar remover applied, after rinsing, this was followed with iron fallout remover https://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/gyeon-q2m-iron. You may have seen pictures of iron fallout in action, it actually looks as though the bodywork is "bleeding out". What in fact is happening, is that the product is safely lifting iron deposits that have become ingrained in the vehicles clear coat. Application of iron fallout remover does not harm you vehicles paintwork, and it can be applied to alloy wheels to great effect without risk. The final process, as always is to clay bar the entire vehicle. You can actually feel when the clay bar has removed any remaining surface contaminates, the paint work with go from feeling slightly stippled to completely smooth. You could run you hand over the paint work with your eyes closed and know by feel alone which panels had been clayed and which had not. 
The engine bay was steam cleaned as the client wanted the bay to look a close to showroom condition as possible. Did you know that if you do not have access to any all purpose cleaner, of specific engine de greasers, steam cleaning is one of the safest ways in which to clean. It also effectively kills bacteria - random fact, but there you go! https://www.amazon.co.uk/Dupray-One-Plus-Steam-Cleaner/dp/B017KPKZEI/ref=asc_df_B017KPKZEI/?tag=bingshoppinga-21&linkCode=df0&hvadid={creative}&hvpos={adposition}&hvnetw=o&hvrand={random}&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=e&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl={devicemodel}&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=&hvtargid=pla-4583589102929246&psc=1 
The car was dried and brought inside and inspected under the studio lights, and .in depth with a swirl finder light from carbon collective https://www.carboncollective.com/product/carbon-collective-led-pen-light/ A small test panel was machine polished to check that the pad and compound selected were fit for the task. 
As the Volvo was booked for a full main correction, we knew we would have some serious defects to correct with the first pass from the da polisher (insert rupes web link). To remove the heavier scratches, a cutting pad, and heavier cut compound were selected. When we say cutting pad, at no time do we mean we actually cut the paintwork, merely that the pad is capable of either removing or significantly reducing the heavy scratches. As you would expect, a main correction takes a lot more time than say a new car prep, or minor paint correction. We were fortunate in that the owner was in a position to leave the vehicle with us for a few weeks. (Which doesn't often happen!) 
The marring from bird droppings had put a nasty stain on the front edge of the bonnet, which could be seen in normal daylight. This proved no problem after some deft machine work. I would like to clarify, it's not just the choice of the pad and compound that magically remove all blemishes, there also the speed at which you work, the rotational speed of the da polisher, and the amount of heat generated by the polisher onto the clear coat. All these things become a factor in trying to achieve as near perfect finish as possible. 
The vehicle was given a second stage machine polish, only this time with a softer polishing pad, and finishing compound (insert urls for sonax and Chemical guys). The refining stage removes any hazing left from the heavier cut compound, and really brings the paint work to life. 
Turning to the interior, we have lovely full black leather interior, dark tight weave carpets and mats, aluminium dash accents, all to be focused on. 
We Hoover multiple times when detailing the interior, the first Hoover removes all the large particles, seats are moved from standard positions so all areas are accessible, when then apply an air line and blow difficult to reach dirt out of its hiding places. We then Hoover again to further refine the interior. It's not uncommon for 3 to 4 separate hovering stages to take place before we are happy with the results. 
The leather seats, like so many others, had become shiny purely through general usage. With the correct products, and knowledge, these were transformed back, and a lovely matt finish was achieved. The same went for the steering wheel. We often see the biggest transformations here for obvious reasons. 
Indicator stalks and steering wheel switch gear was carefully and meticulously detailed, with all staining removed, leaving fresh easy to read symbols again. A small part of a full detail, but an extremely important one none the less. 
Britemax igneous quartz ceramic coat was applied to all paintwork https://www.britemax-direct.co.uk/britemax-igneous-quartz-ceramic-coating-50ml-c2x23172223 , plastic trim and chrome work. With a 4 year lifespan, this is one ceramic coating that really delivers. 
Glass was cleaned and polished using ceri glass https://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/carpro-ceriglass-polish , before having Gtechniq G1 protection applied https://gtechniq.com/products/auto/perfect/exterior/paint/g1-clearvision-smart-glass 
I was reversing the Volvo out of the studio when my clients arrived to collect it. The black paint looked wet in the later afternoon sun, and as I hoped, they were very pleased with how it looked. Client handover is always the most nerve wrecking, and enjoyable part of any detail. 
With approx 80 hours invested in this detail, I was sad to see it go. 
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The above picture was prior to any heavy rectification work commencing 
If I told you that the list of modifications on this VW t4 short nose swb van would struggle to fit on a twenty page document, you'd probably laugh at me. However, look a little closer because what you see here is a perfect representation of the "less is more" school of modifying. 
The owner of this van is no stranger to VW t4's and this one represents the latest of his creations. He is so passionate about them that he has set up a company that specialises in complete turnkey modified t4's with only the customers imagination providing the limits. See www.ultimatedesignstyle.com and you'll see what we mean. 
The 2.5 litre ex builders van had certainly seen better days upon commencement of the project. The outer panels were straightened, factory swage lines restored, and no fewer than 300 holes welded up inside the rear of the van. The design brief was to make the van look as OEM + as possible. By this we mean, it had to appear as though this van had left the factory as a custom one off special. Also thrown in the mix were design cues inspired heavily by singer vehicle design http://singervehicledesign.com/ which can be seen in the one off specially manufactured pieces, such as the seat frames, and the style in which the seat have been re-trimmed. 
You may be forgiven for thinking the paintwork is a specially blended hue, but you would be wrong, it is in fact the VW fresian green, that it left that factory in back in 2003. Paintwork aside, the engine is largely un modified save for a blanked off egr and new exhaust. 
The freshly re trimmed interior features colour coding, alcantara grey seats with singer inspired eyelets showing a hint of contrasting green as an under layer. And in the back, a diamond quilted bed mat spans the length of what was the storage area. Each detail has been meticulously thought out and executed. 
So where does Rhys Details come into it? Well we were contacted by the owner and asked to carry out a full detail in readiness for the upcoming show season. This van will be at several VW shows over the summer. 
As with any detail we fully inspected the van prior to any work commencing, taking note of any problem areas. As you would expect with a vehicle of this caliber, having just come out of the body shop, there little for us to worry about. 
A full safe wash commenced, wheels were deep cleaned, and the engine bay received a thorough stream clean. All our shampoos are neutral ph. Van was dried using plush gsm towels and the air blower to ensure it was completely dry https://www.theultimatefinish.co.uk/bigboi/blowr-mini.aspx
Inside the studio, a more in depth inspection of the paintwork under studio lights was undertaken, and a small part of the paintwork was test polished to see how the paintwork would react to the chosen pad/compound combination. 
A full single stage correction followed (unfortunately I didn't take any pics of the "during" process), the van was wiped down with Gyeon prep https://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/gyeon-q2m-prep, and Gyeon can coat https://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/gyeon-q2-can-coat was applied to add gloss, and protect the paint for up to 12 months. 
As this van was going to debut at the Telford exhibition centre, we were also asked to polish the inside. Autofinesse triple was used on all the internal panels, sliding door, entry step, and inner roof. The finished effect was well worth the effort, the fresian paint really came to life. 
Engine bay plastics dressed https://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/gyeon-q-m-preserve-trim-dressing, and tyres were dressed https://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/gyeon-q2-tire, and the glass received a semi permanent hydrophobic coating https://alienmagic.co.uk/glass-pro-hydrophobic-glass-coat-200ml
We have had the pleasure of working on this van a couple of time now and I hope it's last visit won't be the last time we see it. 
For full specs and write up this van was featured in VW bus magazine issue 78. www.vwbusmagazine.com 
Rhys Details 
Car detailing in Kent 
At the risk of starting this blog sounding like a thriller novel, it genuinely was a cold and rainy night in early March when this Bentley Continental was dropped off to RD Towers. I had carried out details for the client before on one of his other means of transport (an awesome custom VW T4 van, in Fresian Green - full blog on that coming shortly). The studio was re arranged a little to accommodate the luxury leviathan's 5.3 m length, and before long it was safely tucked up for the night. 
Early the next morning, a full safe wash procedure was carried out. This car was the first time I was able to use my new 2600 series pressure gun and mini lance supplied by Keith of www.gleem-detailing.co.uk its extremely easy to navigate the paintwork with the short lance, and it makes flushing the wheel arches considerably easier. Personally, I much prefer this set up to the longer lance and gun that came as standard. I was a little worried that I would need to switch back to my original set up when jet washing the body work in its entirety, but the 2600 series gun had more than oomph for the job in hand. I can jet the car easily with one hand, and hold the necessary amount of slack hose with the other.  
If you're considering switching to a new gun, or need new hose, then check out www.gleem-detailing.co.uk and see the full range of products for yourself. 
The final step of the safe wash procedure is to use a clay bar over the vehicles paintwork & glass. Clay bar lifts the most stubborn of dirt and contaminants, simply by being gently passed over the surface of the car, back and forth, with water being used as the lubricant. Because this lifts any remaining bonded dirt, it leaves the paintwork super smooth to the touch. A common comment I receive upon collection, is how nice the paintwork feels! 
The car was dried off using Kiln Korea drying towels (Large) https://www.exceldetailingsupplies.co.uk/product-page/large-duo-drying-towel , and a Big Boi Air Blower https://www.theultimatefinish.co.uk/bigboi/blowr-mini.aspx - with this device we can remove water from all the hard to reach places, with variable speeds and temperature settings. Its essential that before any machine polishing commences, the car is completely dry, everywhere. Its now an essential part of my operational tools. 
We then moved the car inside, and inspected it under the studio light. Bentley list the paint as "Dark Sapphire Metallic" and this particular model had the gold pin coach line running the length of the car, with crests at either end. 
A small test area was machine polished, one the pad and compound combination had been selected, and after inspection the rest of the car received a single stage correction. 
The interior was in good condition, but some dye transfer had occurred on the drivers seat bolsters, and the steering wheel had become a little discoloured simply from general use. I was keen to try out CarPro's "Inside" leather and interior cleaner https://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/carpro-inside-leather-interior-cleaner. As the split photo shows, it was able to really restore the magnolia leather back to its near original glory. The leather also lost its sheen after cleansing, leaving a fresh matte finish simialr to new leather. I was impressed by this product and now call upon it regularly for interior duties. 
The below pictures show the finished vehicle. The ceramic coating of choice on the occasion was Gyeon Quartz Can Coat, an entry level coating offering around 12 months protection. We hope to see this vehicle again for maintenance details, at which point we will maintain the paint with quick detailer to ensure gloss levels are topped up  
And of course it rained before the car was collected........At least it was an opportunity to show off the beading properties of the coatings applied! 
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Next blog.......................VW T4 custom van............stay tuned.....  
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